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Welcome to Sunreeja Oil and Gas Pvt. Ltd.

Sunreeja Oil and Gas Pvt. Ltd. (SOG) was founded in 2019 by Highly Qualified Engineers to Manufacture and Supply Complete Oil and Gas Industry Tools through our Worldwide Manufacturers who are providing Tools in accordance with API, ASME, ASTM, ANSI, ISO and are having manufacturing facility for complete range of Oilfield Tools.

SOG is proud to having ISO 9001:2015 Certification and operates in accordance with International Organization for Standardization (ISO 9001:2015).

Sunreeja Oil and Gas Pvt. Ltd. (SOG) is providing below services:

  • Online Oil and Gas Courses
  • Career Counselling
  • Job Consultancy/ Manpower Supply
  • Oil and Gas Industry Tools
  • Technical Blog Writing

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How real people said about sunreeja Oil and Gas Education Online Learning.

Prarthna Agarwal

Ram Sekar

I am a petroleum engineering student and haven’t had the opportunity to take part in any internships.. Sunreeja was the first company I did my internship with… I never had any idea how those programs work… but I’ve gotta say I was really able to learn a lot than I expected…. The staffs were friendly and I really appreciate their effort in conducting this program.. Overall this was a great experience and I would like to thank you again for giving me the opportunity to embark on this challenging atmosphere… Thank you so much.. keep your work going!

Prarthna Agarwal

Gyanendra Sharma

I am thankful to Sunreeja Oil and Gas private limited for providing an internship during this pandemic. During the internship SOG has always treated me like it is not a virtual internship instead the knowledge and experience that I have gained through the internship is very precious. One to one interaction with the mentor during this internship made it live. I would like to work with the expertise of such organization in future.


Anjali Singh

It was wonderful journey for me to be a part of it. Thank you so much for your valuable training. Any student would love to work under the qualified mentors. Indeed, the experience and interactive sessions were worth it.


Lovely Dutta

First of all I would like to thank Sunreeja Oil and Gas Pvt. Ltd. for providing such opportunity. As it was my first internship I was not knowing much about how it has been done or anything but my mentor guided me alot. I had a very good experience in working with them.Thanks alot


Ayushi Garkoti

The rapidly evolving threat around the COVID-19 virus has already impacted the global economy as a whole. And during this phase we all were looking for Internships as our Internships got cancelled. I daily used to get mails regarding paid internships but then I get to know about ‘Sunreeja Oil and Gas’ that they have started a FREE online Internship program for freshers. I gave an interview and got the chance to be a part of the organization. I was eager to gain the industrial knowledge in our oil and gas sector and ‘Sunreeja Oil and Gas’ is a platform that helped me to relate my academia with industry. The experience was full of knowledge as well as fun for me. I got new friends as my teammates. And the interaction session with our mentor made us technically strong and confident. Our mentor used to ask us to give a presentation on our topic of interest and this was the best part of internship for me and it helped me to build up my confidence. I want to thank my mentor for his constant support and kind gesture. He is very professional as well as friendly person. With the help of my mentor and my teammates I successfully completed my internship on ‘Well Testing and Bottom Hole Survey: Procedure and Case Study’. Overall this journey was a good learning experience and i would definitely recommend this internship for freshers


Gaurav Joshi

It was a great learning experience with Sunreeja Oil and Gas during my summer internship . I chose the project named “Well activation procedure and case study” and I learned a lot from it. My mentor was really so helpful they was always present to help us.


Yedhudev U

My internship experience with SOG was one on the exceptional among all the internships which I have carried out. They provided a platform not only to learn but also to network and share knowledge with smart and kind colleagues. Overall, the exposure I had with SOG was quite special.


Aditi Naudiyal

I had a great time during my internship at SOG. I got to learn a lot and got to share my views with everyone. I would like to thank SOG for giving me the opportunity to intern here.


Chhataa Upadhyay

I would love to Thank Sunreeja Oil and Gas Pvt Ltd. for providing wonderful opportunity to be a part of there internship program. I done my Internship in OGT department on Bottom hole survey and Well testing. It was a gratifying experience for me, to learn about new things from SOG and my group mates there. Thank you very much SOG for regarding me as a qualified candidate.


Anshika Singh

I was intern in Sunreeja Oil and Gas private ltd. from May to June. I worked under Mr. Praveen sir a highly qualified and knowledgeable mentor. He guide many things that will definitely helps me in future. It was very good time for me to exploring new things. Anyone would love to work in sunreeja. I would recommend to work in sunreeja for gaining knowledge in different topics of Petroleum engineering which is not covered in your academics.


Nidhi Kumari

The whole of the experience was very awesome during my Summer Online Internship at SOG. learnt new things and that too in group. The members were really very friendly, active and supportive. I recommend every Petroleum engineer to invest few hours making something worth remembering and useful.


Darlington Imhanzuaria

It was indeed a privilege for me to Intern with Sunreeja Oil & Gas Ltd., during the course of my Online summer internship, i was duly taught the rudiments of Oil and Gas Tools together with his operations. I must say, SOG, has a high level of exuded professionalism and altruism for every stakeholders irrespective of your personality. Thanks to the management of SOG for the privilege…. Looking forward to partnering with them in more lucrative areas.


Purnayan Mitra

I have been onboard with Sunreeja Oil and Gas Private Limited (SOG) as an intern for a month. My mentor was extremely knowledgeable person and he guided me in oil well cementing, API Standards and Cementing Tools. I highly recommend everyone to atleast apply for internship or job with the company. Their selection process, teaching, practical experience are very fair and well explained. It gives me immense pleasure to say that I had one of the best internship experience with SOG. They have a caring work experience which one desire in their corporate life. I wish all the very best for the company to be at the top of petroleum industry one day


Omkar More

I want to express my deepest gratitude for considering me an eligible candidate for this internship. I was very glad when i was been selected for this internship. Being this a lockdown period we always want to be productive and learn many new things and Sunreeja Oil and Gas Private Limited (SOG) was the best platform where I could have learned the things. Also I learned in this internship that until and unless we don’t start things we won’t complete it, so it is very much important for us to start and then think about the results. My topic was liner hanger system where I was been mentored by one of the best from Sunreeja Oil and Gas Private Limited (SOG). As I move forward in my professional endeavors, I will take with me all that I learned under your guidance. Last but not the least i would love to thank Sunreeja Oil and Gas Private Limited(SOG) for their wonderful support throughout my internship.

Prarthna Agarwal

Prarthna Agarwal

20 days of my summer 2020 was a great experience, all the details shared was very informative & struck my core knowledge with their experience. I am thankful for such an outstanding opportunity at SOG.



“ We are Happy with the services that Sunreeja Oil and Gas provided to us.”


John Doe

“ We are extremly glad for Quality Products and Services that SOG team has provided to us.”



“ Sincere thanks to Sunreeja Oil and Gas for their efforts”